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1. Institutes of Hindu law; or, the ordinances of Menu [i.e., Manu] : according to the gloss of Cullúca : comprising the Indian system of duties, religious and civil / Verbally translated from the original, with a preface, by Sir William Jones ; and collated with the Sanscrit text, by Graves Chamney Haughton / edited by Standish Grove Grady. by Grady, Standish Grove Publication: London Wm H. Allen & Co., 1869 . xx, 340 p. Availability: Items available: Main Library - Special Collection [SC 342.5 G] (1),
2. The laws of Manu / translated with extracts from seven commentaries by G. Bühler by Müller, F. Max Publication: Delhi Motilal Banarsidass, 1964 . cxxxviii , 620 p. , Publication/Distribution First published by the Oxford University Press, 1886. Reprinted by Motilal Banarsidass, 1964. 22.5 cm. Availability: Items available: Main Library [294.592 SBE (25)] (1),