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The System of the Vedânta : according to Bâdarâyana's Brahma-Sutras and Çankara's commentary thereon set forth as a compendium of the dogmatics of Brahmanism from the standpoint of Çankara by Deussen, Paul Publication: New York Dover Publications, 1973 . xiii, 513 p. , Donation Item donated by Proinsias Mac Cana | Item signed by Proinsias Mac Cana | History and edition Facsimile reprints of: 1st ed. of this translation, Chicago : Open Court Publishing Co., 1912. - 'Das System des Vedânta' originally published: Leipzig : Brockhaus, 1883. 22cm. Availability: Items available: Room 21 - MacCana Collection [PMC 294.5 D] (1),