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1. Monumenta historica Celtica : notices of the Celts in the writings of the Greek and Latin authors from the tenth century B.C., to the fifth century A.D arranged chronolgically with translations, commentary, indices, and a glossary of the Celtic names and words in these author. Vol. 1 by Dinan, W. Publication: London David Nutt, 1911 . xii , 355 p. , ex libris Macalister 23 cm. Availability: Items available: Main Library [936.4 D] (1),
2. Aislinge Meic Con Glinne by Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone Publication: Dublin Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies, 1990 . xli, 209 p. , Donation 30239 ex libris Proinsias Mac Cana 30239 signed by Proinsias Mac Cana 30239 contains hand-written notes Old accession number 9733, 9734 | Donation Ex libris Proinsias Mac Cana. Item 33502. Signed by Proinsias Mac Cana. 23 cm. Availability: Items available: Main Library [891.629 J] (2), Room 21 - MacCana Collection [PMC 891.629 J] (2),