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Miscellany presented to Kuno Meyer by some of his friends and pupils on the occasion of his appointment to the Chair of Celtic Philology in the University of Berlin edited by Osborn Bergin and Carl Marstrander by Bergin, Osborn Publication: Halle Max Niemeyer, 1912 . v , 487 p. , Holdings Additional copy held in the Gordon Quin collection Q547. | Donation Ex libris Proinsias Mac Cana Item 33752. Signed by Proinsias Mac Cana. 24 cm. Availability: Items available: Room 21 - MacCana Collection [PMC 891.6209 B] (1), Main Library - Special Collection [SC 891.6209 B] (1),
Nyere forskninger om Irlands gamle aandskultur of digtning i dens forhold til Norden. by Bugge, Sophus Publication: Kristiania A.W. Broggers Bogtrykkeri, 1892 . 20 p. 23 cm. , Old accession number 4142 Availability: Items available: Main Library - Special Collection [SC 891.6209 B] (1),