Gordon, Richard L.

Magical practice in the Latin West : papers from the international conference held at the University of Zaragoza, 30 Sept.-1 Oct. 2005 - Leiden Brill, 2010 - xxvi , 676 p. , [28] p. 25 cm. - Religions in the Graeco-Roman world 168 .

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Introduction / Richard Gordon and Francisco Marco Simon -- Part I. The discourse of magic -- Magus and its cognates in classical Latin / James B. Rives -- Magic in the Roman historians / Matthew W. Dickie -- Heretical texts and maleficium in the Codex Theodosianus (CTh . 16.5.34) / María Victoria Escribano Paño -- Part II. Revising the corpus -- The defixiones from the sanctuary of Isis and Mater Magna in Mainz / Jürgen Blänsdorf -- Religion and magic at Rome : the Fountain of Anna Perenna / Marina Piranomonte -- The texts from the Fons Annae Perennae / Jürgen Blänsdorf -- Cursing a thief in Iberia and Britain / Roger Tomlin -- Prayers for justice in East and West : recent finds and publications / Henk S. Versnel -- Part III. Writing defixiones : models, language, and aims -- How does magical language work? : the spells and formulae of the Latin defixionum tabellae / Amina Kropp -- Inversion, adversion and perversion as strategies in some Latin curse tablets / Christopher Faraone and Amina Kropp -- Execrating the Roman power : three defixiones from Emporiae (Ampurias) / Francisco Marco Simón -- Part IV. Protective, eudaemonic, and divinatory magic -- Nails for the dead : a polysemic account of an ancient funerary practice / Silvia Alfayé Villa -- Magic at sea : amulets for navigation / Sabino Perea Yébenes -- A prayer for blessings on three ritual objects at Chartres-Autricum (France/Eure-et-loir) / Richard Gordon, Dominique Joly, and William van Andringa -- Mithraism and magic / Jaime Alvar Ezquerrez -- A visigothic charm from Asturias and the classical tradition of Phylacteries against hail / Francisco Javier Fernandez Nieto -- Between Orthodox belief and "superstition" in Visigothic Hispania / Isabel Velázquez Soriano -- Celtic Loricae and ancient magical charms / Pierre-Yves Lambert.

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