Landscape and myth in North-Western Europe / edited by Matthias Egeler. - Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 2019 - viii, 261 p. : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm. - Borders, Boundaries, Landscapes 2 .

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This volume explores the intersection of landscape and myth in the context of north-western Atlantic Europe. From the landscapes of literature to the landscape as a lived environment, and from myths about supernatural beings to tales about the mythical roots of kingship, the contributions gathered here each develop their own take on the meanings behind "landscape" and "myth", and thus provide a broad cross-section of how these widely discussed concepts might be understood. Arising from papers delivered at the conference Landscape and Myth in North-Western Europe, held in Munich in April 2016, the volume draws together a wide selection of material ranging from texts and toponyms to maps and archaeological data, and it uses this diversity in method and material to explore the meaning of these terms in medieval Ireland, Wales, and Iceland. In doing so, it provides a broadly inclusive and yet carefully focused discussion of the inescapable and productive intertwining of landscape and myth.


Mythology, European.
Landscapes — Europe.

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