Bewnans Ke : the life of St Kea : a critical edition with translation / edited by Graham Thomas & Nicholas Williams edited by Graham Thomas, Nicholas Williams. - 1st. - Devon University of Exeter Press 2007 - lxxxviii, 488 pages ; 21 cm. - New Exeter Medieval Texts. .

Published in association with the National Library of Wales. Reissued in paperback 2016

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Preface ; ; Acknowledgements ; ; Introduction, ix; Albert le Grand's "Life of St Ke"; ; Bewnans Ke: Synopsis; ; Albert le Grand's "Life of St Ke" and Bewnans Ke compared; ; Motifs found in the legend of St Kea and other saints' lives; ; St Kea, patron saint of Kea Parish; ; Bewnans Ke, Beunans Meriasek, and Glasney College, Penryn; ; The date of the composition of Bewnans Ke; ; The pronunciation of Middle English unstressed -e; ; The textual transmission of Bewnans Ke; ; Spelling and language; ; Phonology; ; Morphology; ; Syntax; ; Lexicon; ; Versification; ; Editorial method; ; Abbreviations; ; Bibliography; ; BEWNANS KE / THE LIFE OF ST KEA; Text and Translation; ; Notes ; ; Index and glossary of Cornish words ; ; Index and glossary of English words ; ; Index of French words ; ; Index of Latin words ;

Bewnans Ke contains the edited text of a previously unknown play written in Middle Cornish, probably composed in the second half of the fifteenth century. A facing-page translation into modern English, a complete vocabulary and detailed linguistic notes combine to make the work accessible to the 21st century reader.

Text in English and Cornish.


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Kea, Saint --Drama.

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