Walsh, Paul

Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne : an account of the Mac Sweeney families in Ireland, with pedigrees / edited with introduction and notes by Paul Walsh - Dublin Dollard, 1920 - lxiii, 141 p. 19 cm.

Donation 30241 ex libris Proinsias Mac Cana 30241 signed by Proinsias Mac Cana

Includes "Craobhsgaoileadh Chlainne Suibhne", a treatise from the second portion of the manuscript 24 P. 25, Royal Irish Academy, written in the sixteenth century by Tadhg, son of Fitheal (with translation into English by the editor) followed by the principal genealogies of the MacSweeny families in Ireland, drawn from various manuscript sources.


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