Sigurdsson, Jón Vidar

Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800-1200 - Leiden Brill, 2014 - xvii , 223 p. 24 cm. - The Northern world 65 .

Publication date CIP record. Publication date: 12 13 The genesis of this volume was in a conference held in Oslo University on 3-6 November 2005.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Vikings' settlements in Ireland before 1014 / Clare Downham -- Names for the Vikings in Irish annals / C. Etchingham -- Saints' cults and Gaelic-Scandinavian influence -- Around the Cumberland coast and north of the Solway Firth / Fiona Edmonds -- The Kingdom of Man and the earldom of Orkney-some comparisons / Barbara E. Crawford -- No soil for saints: why was there no native royal martyr in Man and the Isles? / Ian Beuermann -- Slavery, power and cultural identity in the Irish Sea region, 1066-1171 / D. Wyatt -- Pagan myth and Christian doctrine / Jan Erik Rekdal -- Ceramic and cultural change in the Hebrides AD 500-1300 / Alan Lane -- Homeland-strange land-new land. Material and theoretical aspects of defining Norse identity in the Viking age / Zanette Tsigaridas Glorstad.

9789004255111 1569-1462 ;


Irish History
Middle Ages
Celtic Civilization