Thurneysen, Rudolf

A grammar of Old Irish by Roudolf Thurneysen, revised and enlarged edition, translated from the German by D. A. Binchy and Osborn Bergin. - Dublin Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1946 - xxi, 688 p. 22 cm.

21419 ex libris Myles Dillon ; annotated ; held in Special Collections. Donation Ex libris Proinsias Mac Cana. Item 33625/6.
Signed by Proinsias Mac Cana. 19153-19154: Reprint 1975. xxi, 717 p. Photocopy of supplement available separately, see "A supplement to a grammar of Old Irish" (accn 26145). Publication/Distribution 24234 = 1993 reprint with supplement Accession number 26513 rebound by Duffy Bookbinders October 2009


Old Irish

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